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Congress Ratifies USMCA: A Great Start to 2020 for Corn Farmers

January 16, 2020

Today Congress ratified the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) allowing for free trade with our neighboring countries to the north and the south. The bill, which passed with broad support, will now go to President Trump’s desk for his signature. Mexico and Canada are the U.S. corn industry’s largest, most reliable market. In 2018/2019, 21.4 million metric tons of corn and corn co-products were exported to Mexico and Canada. These exports were valued at $4.56 billion. In 2018/2019, Mexico was the top export for U.S. corn and DDGS while Canada was the top export of U.S. ethanol.

“The United States is set up perfectly to trade with our neighbors to the north and south of us,” said Jim Greif Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) President and farmer from Monticello. “The passage of the modernized agreement is a bright spot for corn farmers starting fresh in 2020 as exports are a key market for corn in all forms. Last year was tough for many farmers who have faced an excess amount of challenges outside of our control. USMCA demonstrates the commitment for trade agreements for the United States, and ICGA will continue to work for the facilitation of free trade with partners around the world.”

ICGA extends a thank you to members and the Iowa Congressional leaders for their continued efforts to see USMCA to the finish line.

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