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Bremer County Corn Growers Meet to Discuss County Priorities

November 15, 2023

The Iowa Corn Growers Association® (ICGA) Bremer County group met this week at the Sumner Family Restaurant to discuss their future county promotions and local events. Those in attendance included Iowa Corn District 3 Field Manager, Nolan Lyness, as well as county board members Ron Leistikow, Dean Buhr, Mark Mueller, Mark Lenius, Cody Meister and Jeff Reynolds.

During the meeting it was decided to provide three of their own Bremer County Corn Grower scholarships for $500, in addition to the Iowa Corn Growers Association and National Corn Growers scholarships, which are eligible for ICGA student member, or students whose parents are members of ICGA. In addition, the county board approved sponsoring six Iowa Corn student memberships per FFA Chapter at the schools in their district, which includes Waverly, Wapsie Valley, Sumner-Fredericksburg, Denver-Tripoli and Nashua Plainfield.

During the meeting Cody Meister was selected as the Premier County Achievement Program (PCAP) representative for the county and will be eligible to attend Commodity Classic in San Antonio in 2024. Counties that show strong local grassroots efforts are rewarded through PCAP to show the value local corn organizations have on the industry. Also discussed was the local Bremer County nitrate testing research that Iowa Corn sponsored, which was conducted by Ron Lenth at Bremer County Extension.

The Bremer County Corn Growers are always seeking new members. If you are a corn farmer within the county or a supporter of corn farmers, we encourage you to sign-up to get more involved at

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