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BoBo the Corn-Fed Steer to Strut his Stuff at the Iowa State Fair

August 10, 2016


WHAT: Where else would a more than 1,000-pound beautiful beefcake of a steer go to strut his stuff than the Iowa State Fair? The Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) is proud to sponsor BoBo the Corn-Fed Steer at this year’s Iowa State Fair Governor’s Charity Steer Show on Saturday, August 13. Accompanying the steer will be ICPB President Mark Heckman, a farmer from West Liberty. Proceeds of the show go to the Ronald McDonald Houses of Iowa.

BoBo’s owners, Jason, Cynthia, Addison and Brelynn Randall of Letts, Iowa, say his favorite feed of choice is… you guessed it corn. BoBo is not alone, corn-fed is the most widely produced type of beef in the U.S. In fact, 62 million bushels of corn went to feed beef cattle in 2015. This assures a consistent year-round supply of high-quality beef with the tenderness and flavor most consumers prefer. Cattle usually spend four to six months in a feedlot, during which they are fed a scientifically-formulated ration of corn and/or silage, hay and distillers grains.

Heckman, the Randalls and BoBo will be available for interviews prior to and immediately following the show.

Find out more about the importance of the livestock industry to Iowa’s corn farmers, go to

When: August 13th at 4:00 p.m.                                                           

Where: Pioneer Livestock Pavilion

Lisa Cassady, Iowa Corn Public Relations Manager,, 515-225-9242, 515-443-3947 (Cell)


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