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Kelly Nieuwenhuis


Kelly Nieuwenhuis

Kelly Nieuwenhuis has been farming for 39 years in O’Brien County. His farming includes 2800 acres of row crops that he farms with 2 brothers. Also has a Channel Seed business and part ownership in a 4000 head hog finishing facility.  

Kelly currently serves as Chair of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board. Other board involvement includes being a member of the Siouxland Energy Cooperative board (a 65 million gal Ethanol plant in NW Iowa). Also serves on the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program Board ( appointed by Gov. Branstad in 2016, and Gov. Reynolds in 2021). Is a member of the NCGA ETHAT committee, and USGC Ethanol A-team.   Kelly has seen farming practices change over the years and is looking forward to being a leader for the Agriculture industry. He knows from experience that farmers are great stewards of the land and cares deeply about improving even more on these sustainable practices. He believes all of agriculture should work together to support each other and Iowa Corn’s partnership with U.S. Grains Council, U.S. Meat Export Federation are essential to the future of Agriculture. As well as a united Ethanol Industry with Growth Energy, RFA, and ACE along with Corn Growers working together to increase domestic and export markets for Renewable Fuels Industry. He understands that agriculture is part of the solution to Climate Change because of their understanding of how farming practices help with Carbon Sequestration, and how biofuels help reduce carbon emissions!!! We are definitely in exciting times for Ag.

Kelly and his wife, Luanne have been married for 41 years and have 4 grown children. 

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