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Director Elections

ICPB & ICGA director elections are fast approaching.


Iowa Corn Promotion Board:

Crop Reporting Districts 4,5,8, and 9 are up for election.

A brief timeline has been provided below: 

  • March 30: Petitions will be available by request from the ICPB office. Candidates filling out must petitions must also fill out affidavit candidacy document
  • April 10: Deadline for candidate names. District nominating committee forms and bios are due to Iowa Corn office
  • April 27: All petitions for nominations are due to the Iowa Corn office by 4:30
  • June 25: Deadline for requesting absentee ballots
  • July 17: Absentee ballots must be postmarked on or before July 17


Iowa Corn Grower Association

Crop Reporting Districts 2,5,6,7 and 8 are up for election. A brief timeline has been provided below:  

  • April 10: candidate names and district nominating committee forms are due to Iowa Corn office 
  • April 10: Candidates background information must be completed and returned to Iowa Corn office  
  • Week of June 4: Ballots, biographies and cover letter will be mailed out 
  • July 17: Ballots must be postmarked 
  • July: 18: ICGA officer to count ballots 
  • August 2018: Results announced via newsletter  
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