I-LEAD - Iowa Corn Leadership Enhancement and Development Program


I-LEAD Class 7 - Application Materials
All applicants MUST provide a personal and business recommendation form for their application to be complete. Click below to download the application, business and personal recommendation forms.

Note: Recommenders MUST use the appropriate I-LEAD recommendation form.
I-LEAD Class VI Members:    
Jarrod Bakker
Laurie Bedord
Carly Cummings
Ryan Gallagher
Paul Gieselman
Morning Sun
Adam Gregg
Jeff Johnson
Mark Kenney
Josh Lammert
Silver City
Kayla Lyon
Gretchen McClain
Thomas Meierotto
West Des Moines
Devin Mogler
Des Moines
Jason Ribbens
Webster City
Brian Rouse
Dan Runner
Brent Schipper
Vince Sitzmann
Prairie City
Adam Stamp
Jody Van Regenmorter
Chris Wolters

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Iowa’s agriculture leadership today is built on generations of individuals who made agriculture their cause – not just a job.  The Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) and Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) recognize that the future of Iowa agriculture depends on developing new leaders who share the same passion for generations to come.

I-LEAD is a resource for talented people who want to contribute to a better future for Iowa’s communities and the long-term profitability of agriculture in Iowa, and is charged with the task of developing stronger leaders for Iowa agriculture. 

An I-LEAD Graduate will be able to:

  • Describe the value of grassroots leadership, which includes knowing how to get involved and having the personal skills to work effectively as a leader.
  • Define his or her personal leadership style by identifying the diversity of leadership styles and how people with different leadership styles work together.
  • Develop a working knowledge of Iowa Corn and other key organizations that agriculture can work with to broaden perspectives and build coalitions.
  • Create a working knowledge of the agriculture industry and economy in Iowa and Iowa’s place in the world agriculture economy.
  • Communicate messages about agriculture by locating evidence, formulating key points, and communicating agricultural messages through written or verbal communication.

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Click here for the I-LEAD class 7 application. 

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