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Posted 02.06.15
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Corn Farmers Coalition

The Corn Farmers Coalition — an alliance of the National Corn Growers Association and 14 state corn associations (including Iowa Corn) — educates policy-makers in Washington about how innovative farmers are growing more corn every year with fewer resources while protecting the environment.


Corn Farmers Coalition Facts

The facts used in these ads come from two primary sources, the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service and from the Field to Market National Report.

  • 90
 - Family farmers grow 90% of America’s corn. (USDA)
  • 99
 - 99% of all corn farms in America are family owned. (USDA) 
  • 6 Billion - America’s corn farmers exported over $6.3 billion worth of corn last year. One of the few American products with a trade surplus. (USDA)
  • 30 - America’s family corn farmers are by far the most productive in the world, they can plant up to 30% of the nation's crop in a single week, thanks to advances in machinery technology. corn per acre than any other nation. (USDA)
  • 87 - American corn farmers grow 87% more corn per ounce of fertilizer applied thanks to new innovative farming practices. (USDA)
  • 8 - An acre of corn removes 8 tons of harmful greenhouse gas, more than that produced by your car annually.  (EPA)
  • 67 - 
America’s corn farmers have cut soil erosion 67% by using innovative conservation methods. (USDA)
  • 33 - America’s corn farmers grow 33% of world corn exports.  (USDA)
  • 43 - Energy used to grow a bushel of corn decreased 43% thanks to family farmers’ use of innovative technology. (USDA) 
  • 89 - 89% of America’s corn crop is grown without irrigation. (USDA)
  • 30 - More than 30% of US farm operators are women


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